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Tucker Carlson
speaks in Calgary January 24/24
to a crowd of 4000

AB51 Project
is in the


Image by Pawel Czerwinski

Medicine Hat, AB

Minerals and Stones

Fractured Nation - The Pillaging of Western Canada

By Aaron Gunn - July 11, 2023

Is Canada’s confederation broken? 


From carbon taxes to transfer payments to special treatment for Quebec, many in Canada’s western provinces are now asking if this country still works for them.

Aaron proves that Confederation


is broken beyond repair


and this is why AB51 project has proven that Statehood is the only solution!!!!

Statue of Liberty

FOX NEWS DIGITAL (Jon Brown):  Published May 16, 2023 7:00am EDT

Separatists fed up with Trudeau want province to break away from Canada, become 51st state

Man Waving American Flag

Cowboy StateDaily (John Thompson):  Published June 10, 2023 

Canadian Conservatives Have Had Enough: Alberta To Vote On Becoming 51st US State

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